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Bukake Phone Sex Blow Job

Bukake is one of my favorite phone sex fetishes, and once I tell you all about it, you can call me so I can make it your kink, too!
Bukake Phone Sex
You all know that I am the go to cuckold phone sex girl for all your gangbang fantasies, want to hear all about how I started?
When I was in high school, I was a blow job princess, I always had a boyfriend, and I always loved sucking cock, I would suck cock all night long, but none of my boyfriends could ever last, sort of a good problem for the one getting the blow job to have, but for the one who was giving it?
So we would put on porn and I would get my pussy eaten out, but when Bukake porn would come on, that’s when I got hot, that’s where I wanted to be, down on my hands and knees, sucking a round robin of cocks, until I was covered in sperm, a bukake facial!
I used to play with my pussy in the bathrooms at school, thinking about how hot it would be to do a bukake phone sex fantasy for real, being surrounded by a bunch of hard cocks, totally objectified, just used, letting everyone know what a nympho that I secretly was, and being able to suck cock for as long as I wanted, until I was finally satsified.
So one night I was out at a college kegger with some friends, I didn’t really know too many of the people there so when I was up in one of the bedrooms with a totally anonymous college student, it was just how I wanted it, all I cared about was how big his cock was, and how long he could last while I sucked his cock.
While I was on my knees on his bedroom floor, he kept telling me I gave the best blow job ever, which I know, and I kept begging him not to come, and he kept telling me he was going to have his boys come in, so I could suck as much cock as I wanted.
When I told him to bring them all in, that I would take care of each and every cock, I think he thought I wasn’t serious, but when one of his boys opened the bedroom door, I soon was giving a double blow job, sucking, licking, tasting, deep throating, and when they both came all over my face, I still wanted more.
And they gave it to me.
Want to hear more?
Call me,
1 888 466 7703
Bukake Phonesex is $2 a minute, billed to your major credit card, and I’m here now, and if I’m not, please don’t hang up, you can always play with one of my sexy snow bunny friends!
In the UK, you can get Bukake Phone Sex by calling 0983-939-2210 x 1575, the price per minute is £1.53 and the customer service number is 0203 3623009, bill at home to phone is available UK only.
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