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Slut Wife Phonesex
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Maybe a key party for this slut wife?
Inviting another man into the bedroom is every cuckold’s wet dream.
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Cuckold Wife Phonesex with Married but Cheating Brandy

Cuckold Phonesex
Cuckold Wife Phonesex

I love doing cuckold phonesex, because while I’m a stay at home wife with a traveling businessman cuckold husband, this gives me time to do what I want, and satisfy my pussy at the same time.
I’m a very competitive kind of trophy wife, I love spending my days shopping for sexy lingerie with my hot girlfriends, going to the gym, can’t take too many Pilates or Barre classes now, can you?
And last night, we had a block party, and being the cuckolding phonesex MILF that I am, I had all day to get ready and show up looking like a snack, soaking up all the attention, while all the stay at home mommies and working mothers showed up looking like what they are, domestic slaves.
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