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Cuckold Mommy Phonesex for Abies and Family Fun Sons

Cuckold Mommy Phonesex
Cuckold MILF Phonesex

Oh baby, if you have a mommy phonesex fetish, I know what you like!
Do you have a kinky craving for mommy’s pretty panties?
Mommy Conny knows what her babies like, you like to sniff and stroke and rub Mommy’s underwear all over your face and cock, because it’s so sexy, you can smell Mommy’s pussy on her silky panties, and my feet on those stockings and pantyhose you stole from me!
Is that when you knew you wanted to be Mommy’s sissy slut?
You couldn’t stop playing with Mommy’s panties, and then you just had to put them on, rubbing your little clitty bump, and then wearing Mommy’s panties under your clothes, to school, to work, and maybe you didn’t stop there?
When Mommy had one of her bulls over, did you watch Mommy get fucked, and then steal Mommy’s creampie panties to play with, masterbate with, and wear when you were out with your friends?
Oh my sweet little panty boy, don’t you know that Mommy knows when you stole my panties?
Don’t you know that a sexy Mommy like myself knows the smell, taste, and look of sperm off those sexy underwear?
If I know anything, it’s what cum stains look like, on your bed, on your sheets, and especially when Mommy made your bed and found them stuffed under there.
Why do you think this sexy mommy walks around in front of you in just sexy underwear?
You already know, it’s to tease you and get you all hard to masturbate for Mommy.
And why this Phonesex Cuckold Mommy sets up a roleplay where I catch you jerking off in Mommy’s panties!
And do you know what happens to bad boys who steal Mommy’s panties?
You have to call me so that Mommy Conny can give you the best Family Fun Phonesex ever!
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