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Forced Bi Phonesex -Vicious Humiliation Phonesex

Forced Bi Phonesex

God, I am such a sexy bitch!
And I know mean girls are such a turn on, especially for sissy faggot cuckolds!
Being black owned since before I had tits, doesn’t mean I don’t have white cuckolds to buy me shit.
But one time, one of my top from the bottom cuckold bitches thought he would make a helpful suggestion.
My cuckold suggested we hav one of my sexy friends join us.
First of all, Cuckold, you should learn to please one woman with something other than your wallet before suggesting a threesome with you, me and another woman.
Two, I’m the I’m the only woman you’ll ever want, need or love.
But sure, I’ll bring in another woman, I told him all about how I’m a secret lesbian, and my cuckold got so hard, it was so cute, it looked like a penis, only smaller.
I then told him we could have a threesome with my girl for real, not just an imaginative roleplay, but an actual threesome.
But first, he needed to do some things for me.
I totally sissified him, made him wear silky panties, high heels, and told him we were going to fuck his sissy slit with a dildo, before we all fucked.
I told him my friend would be over in a little bit, and we should get started.
I busted out that strap on dildo and teased him by making him suck it, then deep throat that cock, and then I told him my friend was shy, so I blindfolded my cuckold, and kept teasing him with my tits and that strap on dick.
The more names I called him, the more I made fun of my sissy cuckold through vicious humiliation, the more he blushed and choked and his little sissy clit just dripped with pre-cum.
My phone kept going off and I told my sissy that my friend would be here soon, and I wanted it to be perfect, so to get on the bed in the position, head down, ass up, submissive doggy style.
I then started squirting some lube on his ass, and told him if he expected me to be adventurous and have a threesome, he needed to be submissive and take it up the ass.
My friend was there, and I told my cuckold to push back, of course it hurts you little faggot bitch boy, anal sex is supposed to!
My blindfolded cuckold whimpered but took it like a man.
I then picked up my cell and started recording and directing our little threesome.
“Tell me you want that cock, faggot!”
“Beg for that cock in your ass!”
“Tell me you want to be fucked in the ass by a man, you bitch boy”
And I got it all on tape, my sissy cuckold whispering at first and then almost squealing, “Fuck my ass! I want my ass fuckd by a real man! No, don’t stop, please fuck my sissy pussy, Master!”
And then I let the blindfold come off, and he was so close to cumming, my sissy cuckold just kept begging for that cock, no matter how I humiliated him.
And the friend wasn’t the sexy girl he had in mind, but a big black bull master.
And he is more in love with me than ever.
Ready for this cuckold queen to make you my bitch?
And remember, I am black owned only, if you are white, you will be cuckolded.
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