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Small White Penis Cuckold Humiliation Phone Sex

Interracial Cuckold Phone Sex
Awww, it looks just like a real penis, only smaller!
And I like things big, all sexy girls do actually, the bigger the better, especially when it comes to big black cock!
Did you really think I would keep how small that little cock of yours is all to myself?
Why would I keep a secret like that, when the truth is so humiliating to you, small cock cuckold?
Humiliation makes me wet, I love to laugh as you tell me all the ways you don’t measure up!
Look at my tits, can you imagine trying to titty fuck me with that small white penis?
Not going to happen!
When you call me for cuckold humiliation phone sex, you have to know that I am going to ask you to send me some little dick pictures for me to share with all my phone sex babes!
I’ll make you pull that small white penis out and hold it, stroke it, right next to my bull’s nine inch monster, and guess which one I get on my knees for?
Don’t worry, I’ll make you get on your knees and worship that massive bbc too, and get it all ready for my white pussy!
And did you really think that was all the sph phone sex you’d endure?
I’ll even make you call sexy cuckold phone sex girls over and over, passing you around in a circle jerk of cock mock humiliation!
You’ll never be more erotically humiliated than when you have to listen to multiple sexy women cackle and laugh at your teeny weenie, especially when I make it very clear that the reason I cuckold you is because of how small you are.
And that it is especially satisfying fucking a big black bull cock, because your little white dick was like being finger banged!
And let me assure you, they all understand.
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