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Cock Control Phonesex Domme

Did you want to give over your cock control to an experienced phonesex domme?
Cock Control Phonesex
Yes, you do.
It’s way too easy, especially when you spend all your time at home right now, to masturbate relentlessly, squirting and coming left and right, with those unsatisfying two pump chump orgasms, which also make for very unhappy girlfriends and wives.
Something has to change.
Pleasing a woman sexually will make women fuck you.
When you give your cock control phonesex domme total jurisdiction over your orgasms, I’ll start to undo what your mindless stroking has taught your cock, how to be a minute man!
Being an amazing lover can be taught, sexual technique can be learned, there’s no reason to ever leave a woman unsatisfied, this cock control phonesex Domme will show you the way.
When you call the cock control phonesex domme, you need to answer some masturbation management questions, don’t worry, you’ll be edging the whole time.
Are you a masturbation addict?
How many times a day do you have to sneak off and punch the munchkin?
Is your cock controlling you, making it hard to keep a girlfriend?
And isn’t that really the reason to master your orgasms?
Unless you request a keyholder or other form of denial, cock control doesn’t mean locking you up in a cock cage and never letting you cum.
Cock Control Phonesex is about guided masturbation, repeated edging, orgasm delay and denial.
Such a very erotic pleasurable way to train your cock to have lots of stimulation, and hold off on your orgasm, the kind of cock that women always beg for.
No more busting that nut as fast as possible, quickies are fun but it’s so much better to give your cock and mind a chance to build up your sexual arousal, your dick hard but being teased, longer and longer, the more edges, the more intense the denial, will lead to not only gooning but the eventual orgams will be earth shattering, the kind of toe curling screaming ejaculation that only a cock control phonesex domme can teach and provide.
Surrender and obey your cock control phonesex domme.
First, commit to coming with only your cock control phonesex domme, only while on a call or other assignment.
Edging, touching, stimulation is always allowed, but no coming, it’s for your own good.
Naughty or out of control masturbators will be allowed orgasm edging, but only ruined orgasms, this will train and mindfuck you to appreciate that orgasm is a luxury, and it’s always ladie’s first, or not at all!
If deemed necessary, no masturbation at all.
Don’t worry, there’s always prostate milking, blue balls never killed anyone, despite what you told your high school girlfriends.
Pass the penis, where you have to go from Cock Control Phonesex Domme one after the other, being controlled in very unique ways, is also an option.
If you’ve already been stroking just reading the above, you must call your cock control phonesex domme for masturbation management right now, there’s always a Mistress to take care of your needs, puppet.
Mistress London
1 888 466 7703
Cock Control Phonesex is $2 a minute, billed to your major credit card, and I’m here now, and if I’m not, please don’t hang up, you can always play with one of my sexy snow bunny friends!
In the UK, you can get Cock Control Phonesex Dommes by calling 0983-939-2210 x 1575, the price per minute is £1.53 and the customer service number is 0203 3623009, bill at home to phone is available UK only.
All American phonesex girls, but we love all our men who call us for Canada Phonesex, UK Phonesex, and here!

Cuckolding Calls with Ava

Cuckold Phone Sex 1 888 466 7703
Well, hello there, Lover.
Rough day at the office?
Guess what kind of day it’s been around here?
Your sexy, busty, horny as all out size queen wife has been a very busy girl.
I want to lead you upstairs to our bedroom, and let you see just what I have up here.
That’s right, I’m not keeping it a secret anymore, not like I tried very hard to keep the fact that I fuck big bull dick every chance I get from you or anyone else.
That’s right, all of my girls know that I am a cheating wife, that I slut around with other men behind your back.
And of course the neighbors know about the revolving door of men I have coming in and out to satisfy me while you’re at work, how does it feel, the sweet humiliation that everyone knows what I am?
Admit it, when I drop to my knees in front of another man and smile at you while I stroke his cock, it makes you hard.
Especially when my big tits are out, my thick ass is up in the air, and I lick all over that big mushroom head.
And you know what I have for you?
A fresh, sticky, dripping creampie pussy.
That’s it. get under me, and watch your slut wife’s cunt stretch to take that big black cock.
Of course I am going bareback on his cock, there’s just something so unsatisfying about condoms, they get in the way of me cumming, and you know what a squirter I am for big dick!
Am I worried about getting pregnant?
Should I be, after all, that’s what a good little cuckold like yourself is for, if and when I choose to be black bred, and no matter how I get pregnant, we both know, it’s not going to be your baby.
Ready to take cuckolding calls to the next level with a real life cuckold wife?
Call me, Ava, at 1 888 466 7703 ($2 per minute with a ten minute minimum) and in the UK, you can get cuckold phone sex at 0983-939-2210 x 1575 (price per minute of £1.53, customer service number is 0203 3623009)
No silly connection fees or hidden charges, just the best cuckold phone sex you will ever have.