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Cuckolding Calls with Ava

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Well, hello there, Lover.
Rough day at the office?
Guess what kind of day it’s been around here?
Your sexy, busty, horny as all out size queen wife has been a very busy girl.
I want to lead you upstairs to our bedroom, and let you see just what I have up here.
That’s right, I’m not keeping it a secret anymore, not like I tried very hard to keep the fact that I fuck big bull dick every chance I get from you or anyone else.
That’s right, all of my girls know that I am a cheating wife, that I slut around with other men behind your back.
And of course the neighbors know about the revolving door of men I have coming in and out to satisfy me while you’re at work, how does it feel, the sweet humiliation that everyone knows what I am?
Admit it, when I drop to my knees in front of another man and smile at you while I stroke his cock, it makes you hard.
Especially when my big tits are out, my thick ass is up in the air, and I lick all over that big mushroom head.
And you know what I have for you?
A fresh, sticky, dripping creampie pussy.
That’s it. get under me, and watch your slut wife’s cunt stretch to take that big black cock.
Of course I am going bareback on his cock, there’s just something so unsatisfying about condoms, they get in the way of me cumming, and you know what a squirter I am for big dick!
Am I worried about getting pregnant?
Should I be, after all, that’s what a good little cuckold like yourself is for, if and when I choose to be black bred, and no matter how I get pregnant, we both know, it’s not going to be your baby.
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